We now have our 6th Democrat candidate (and 9th overall candidate) for Maryland State Delegate in District 12 – Mark Weaver. There is not a website or any social media listed with his filing…so no photo yet.
I will do what I can to find out additional information about this candidate..if you have any feedback for me…let me know.
The Online Outreach Reference Card will be updated soon.
Scott E
Update 3-4-18:
Bio information from Mark Weaver:

Mark is a lifelong Maryland resident and steadfast Democrat. He has lived in Catonsville for the last 26 years. He and his wife Pat raised their son Zachary here and proudly watched him graduate from Catonsville HS.

     He has run a successful Home Improvement business since 1986 and is a member of the Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce. His blue-collar background gives him a fresh outlook on Maryland’s issues. He has been active in the local Democratic Party for many years and was the President of the Southwest Baltimore County Democratic Club for seven years, until January of 2017.

     During his tenure as President, the club advocated for marriage equality, a “fracking” ban, medical marijuana and for increases in renewable energy. They also weighed in on local zoning issues and held forums for local candidates. They tried to hold elected officials accountable to their supporters and campaigned for good Democrats at all levels.

     Now he seeks to protect those gains and make further progress by representing District 12 as a practical progressive Democrat. Vote your values on June 26th, 2018 in the Democratic Primary!