See what happens when I take a night off from watching social media and the SBOE website…we get two new candidates for Howard County Board of Education: Danny Mackey and Bob Glascock.
Danny Mackey announced on Facebook with the following statement:

This election is all about Transparency, Equity, Opportunity, and Responsibility. These four tenets will govern our message during the campaign and will govern my decision making as a member of the Board of Education. They are values that both complement and compete with one another. Our goal should be providing the best possible services within our financial means so that every Howard County student can reach their full potential, every Howard County teacher can be proud of the work they’re doing, and every Howard County parent can have confidence that their dollars, and their children’s education, are being handled with honesty.

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Howard County Board of Education in 2018! Please visit to learn more.

Now Mackey has not filed yet…but I am sure he will soon.
On the other hand…Bob Glascock filed yesterday:

This brings us up to seven candidates for Howard County Board of Education at this point…4 more days to file…4 open seats…I have a feeling that more candidates will be announcing soon…stay tuned.
I will be updating the HoCoBOE Online Outreach Reference Card soon.
Scott E