There is an outsider challenging the long time Howard County Republican in Senate District 9

Off and on since 1980, Gail Bates has been a part of the Howard County Republican party as a member of different clubs, the central committee, General Assembly, and now within the Senate. If you are reading my blog, you probably know her name or know her personally.

On February 23rd, Reid Novotny officially filled for State Senate in District 9. From what I can see on his website,, he far from an establishment candidate. We will see how some of his ideas fair with the traditionally predictable Republican District 9 but right off the top, he’s the only candidate (that I know of) in any of the Senate or Delegate races who is truly not accepting donations from anyone. A quote from his website, “Running my campaign is not your financial burden.”

Senator Bates easily won election in 2014 but did not have a Republican challenger which means we might have a shake up in the primary. This now becomes a race to watch during the Primary.

I will be updating the Technology Reference Card tonight with his online outreach resources.

Stay tuned…

Scott E
(note – I had some assistance in writing the text for this article)