Ok…the title is a little misleading…47% undecided actually lead the way meaning this race is still very much wide open…but Baker, Kamenetz and Jealous got the highest individual results in the latest Goucher Poll. Here is some text from that poll:

Respondents were asked whether they had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the candidates currently running in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Majorities—in some cases large majorities—of Democratic likely voters indicated that they “don’t know” whether they viewed each candidate favorably or unfavorably.
Rushern Baker had the highest favorability rating at 30 percent. Ben Jealous and Kevin Kamenetz register a 28 percent and 22 percent favorability rating, respectively.
If the primary election were held today, 19 percent say they would vote for Rushern Baker, 12 percent say for Kevin Kamenetz, and 10 percent for Ben Jealous. Forty-seven percent say they “don’t know” what Democratic candidate they would support of the election were held today.

Here is the table breakdown:

The thing that sticks out to me between the Sept. 17 numbers and the Feb 18 numbers is that by removing Gansler and Cummings, the biggest jumps up were for Baker (+6), Kamenetz (+4) and Jealous (+4). Also of note: Undecided went up (+3), Ross is up (+2) and Vignarajah is up (+1)…others stayed the same.
We are a long, long way from the Primary in June and with 47% still undecided…it really is still a wide open race for all candidates.
You can read the full details of the Goucher Polling Data here:  https://gallery.mailchimp.com/2a4aefccb064b559262c97fb9/files/de24e371-8cc0-463f-82c8-b11b3ac4d341/SP18_Thursday_RELEASE_FINAL.03.pdf
You can view all of the online outreach resources for each candidate here:  https://scotteblog.com/2018-maryland-governor-technology-outreach-scorecards/
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