I have been watching the SBOE website watching candidates file to run for various offices and something has struck me…with only nine days remaining to file to run for office, we have a very low number of candidates running for Howard County Board of Education in 2018 (at least right now).
There are 4 seats on the Board up for election. We have no official word (yet) from ANY of the incumbents that they are planning to run again in 2018. We have five candidates that have filed at this point (Miller, Pandey, Rehman, Taj and Wu) to run in 2018.
I know it is not uncommon for candidates running for Board of Education to file late…but this seems very late in the game to only have five candidates.
A little history on how many candidates have run for Howard County Board of Education (in the Primary) in the past:
2016 (3 seats): 11 Primary candidates
2014 (4 seats): 13 Primary candidates
2012 (3 seats): 15 Primary candidates
2010 (4 seats): 11 Primary candidates
2008 (3 seats): 7 Primary candidates
As you can see, you have to go back a decade to see this few candidates run for a seat on the Board. The next nine days could see a big push in filings for a seat on the Board (with new candidates or currently elected officials deciding to run again)…but it just feels like an election cycle where interest to run for the Board is down.
With issues like school start times, high school #13, school redistricting, the budget, and a variety of other issues facing the board…I would have thought many more local members of this community might have wanted to be involved.
Will there be a big late push before the filing deadline? I am sure the five that have filed are happy right now…if it stays this way they all make it to the General by having to do nothing but have their names on the ballot.
Stay tuned…I will do my best to keep up with those that do decide to hop into this and other races here in Howard County.
Scott E


  1. I thought the law was changed to start this 2018 election? as to how the Howard County Board of Elections is elected…. i.e. using County Council Districts in some way…. so instead of 7 at large county wide seats, it is now 5 elected by County Council District and 2 at large county wide seats? I was wondering how it was going to work with the 4 seats up for reelection this year…. are they for a County Council District or at large? and how does that fit with the people who have filed to run to date?

  2. And with the new District residency requirement in 2020, I still see no candidates from District 3. In fact, my analysis going back about a decade and a half has found no candidates from District 3. If I have missed anyone, please let me know.