News from District 12 continues to dominate the local political news (at least here on this blog)…Melanie Harris has filed to run for Maryland State Delegate in District 12.
As of right now, the website is not online, the Twitter account listed is online and the Facebook page is online and this is the latest post:

Today, I filed my candidacy for House of Delegates at the State Board of Elections. I’m blessed to have my family by my side in the long road ahead.
I am in the process of building my campaign platform. If you have any questions about my candidacy or my stance on the issues in the meantime, or for more information on how You can help the campaign, don’t hesitate to reach out. I look forward to further connecting with my community and future constituents in District 12.


Photo taken from Facebook page.

This gives us 3 candidates on the GOP side of the ticket and 2 Dems on the other side of the ticket (Lam now running for State Senate).
I will be updating the candidate listing page..probably early tomorrow morning. (Sorry this is so short…I am running out of the house but wanted to get this information out to the readers).
Have a great evening.
Scott E


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