Cynthia Fikes To Withdrawal From Howard County Council District 4 Race

In another bit of shocking news this month…Cynthia Fikes is withdrawing from the Howard County Council District 4 race in 2018. This was first seen in an email and now on her Facebook page:


After much consideration, I am withdrawing my name from the race for Howard County Council, District 4.

Thank you for your support.


Cynthia Fikes

Fikes is now the 2nd (or if you count Alicia Altamirano the 3rd) Democrat candidate to withdraw from this race leaving Deb Jung and Ian Bradley Moller-Knudsen to battle it out in the primary. Fifteen days remain so keep a look out for a possible last minute candidate to get into this race. Lisa Kim remains the only GOP candidate in this race.

Keep up with all candidates online outreach resources here:

I will try and keep and eye out for additional breaking news related to Howard County politics.

Scott E


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