I don’t write endorsement articles very often…to be honest it is sometimes difficult to track them all during an election cycle…but this one seemed big locally: Jim Robey endorsed Dan Medinger for Maryland State Delegate in District 9B.
Here is information from the Medinger website:

Robey: Medinger is a new, progressive leader needed in Annapolis for smart policies on education, environment, women’s and senior citizen’s rights and small businesses

February 6, 2018, Ellicott City, MD – Jim Robey, the venerable former Howard County executive and Maryland State Senate majority leader, has endorsed Dan Medinger for the House of Delegates.

Robey, a two-term county executive, said that Medinger is committed to public service. “He is not a politician. He is a public servant. He is running because he wants to help people and he cares for the future of our community,” Senator Robey said at a campaign fundraising event for Medinger. “I have known Dan for many years and I endorse him 100% and if anyone asks, you can tell them that Jim Robey is behind him all the way.”

Medinger announced his candidacy for the seat, which includes much of Ellicott City and some of Elkridge, last June. A Republican, Bob Flanagan, currently holds the seat. Former county council member Courtney Watson is also running for the office.

Senator Robey, who retired as Maryland’s State Senate Majority Leader in 2015, said Medinger represents a new, energetic voice for residents of District 9B. He cited Medinger’s policy focus on improving education, the environment, women’s and senior citizens’ rights, and helping small businesses create jobs and thrive. Robey also said Medinger’s candidacy heralds a new era of fresh, progressive voices who are needed more than ever in Maryland’s General Assembly.

“Dan wants to do public service and I know that he will work hard every day to be the very best representative he can be,” said Senator Robey. “He has the experience that we need, and we can trust him.”

Medinger said, “I’m grateful to have Senator Robey’s endorsement for my campaign for the Maryland House of Delegates. Senator Robey’s career and legacy as a public servant are an inspiration to me and my family – and I look forward to carrying these values forward as Delegate for District 9B.”

You can read the full statement here:  http://www.danielmedinger.com/former-county-executive-md-sen-majority-leader-jim-robey-endorses-dan-medinger-md-state-delegate-ellicott-citys-district-9b/
That page also has a video:
More information about Jim Robey:

Robey joined the Howard County Police Department in 1966 and was promoted to major by 1981. He was appointed by Charles I. Ecker to Chief of Police in 1991, replacing Frederick Chaney. He retired from the police force in 1998 to run for office and was elected as Howard County Executive in 1998 and 2002.

In 2006, Robey campaigned as a Democrat to represent the 13th district in the Maryland State Senate and won with 56% of the vote against Republican incumbent Sandra Schrader. In September 2013, he was chosen to replace State Senator Robert Garagiola as Senate Majority Leader. Robey retired from the Maryland State Senate on January 14, 2015.

Dan Medinger is in “one of the races to watch” in Howard County taking on Courtney Watson in the Democrat primary for Delegate in District 9B. The winner will take on incumbent (R) Bob Flanagan in the General Election.
I am sure we will see many more endorsements in the following months leading up to June…I will do my best to track and report those that I think are relevant and big ones locally for the various candidates in Howard County.
Stay tuned for more information.
Scott E


  1. […] Dr. Ball heralded his endorsement from previous county executives Liz Bobo and James Robey on social media. Though some people consider name-dropping to be beneficial, it is our opinion that endorsements by two such people who were The Old Guard (both notorious for unprecedented development and therefore have partial responsibility for the lack of foresight in planning for infrastructure that needed to go along with that development) should not have been welcomed by Ball. It only really indicates who the usual political machine here in Howard wants to see in office.  See the tab WHO THEY WANT for more information on this, and it has nothing to do with being a member of the same political party as you will see. Besides, Robey was the kiss of death endorsement for Medinger in the primary. (https://scotteblog.com/2018/02/11/dan-medinger-receives-big-endorsement-from-former-county-executive&#8230😉 […]

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