Liz Matory Enters The Race For US Congress In Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District

I have not written much about Maryland congressional races this year…but this caught my eye. On February 6th, Liz Matory filed to run in Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District.

Liz Maroty joins Mark Shell on the Republican side of the race and Jake Pretot on the Democrat side of the race (Dutch Ruppersberger has not filed yet but I am sure he will in the next 17 days).

Whichever candidates wins the Primary for the GOP, they have a big uphill battle in the General. Dutch Ruppersberger has won his elections in a big way in that congressional district:

2016: Dutch Ruppersberger Incumbent 62.1% 192,183 votes

2014: Dutch Ruppersberger Incumbent 61.3% 120,412 votes

2012: Dutch Ruppersberger Incumbent 65.6% 194,088 votes

2010: Dutch Ruppersberger incumbent 64.2% 134,133 votes

As you can see…he has won big in past general elections.

Scorecards for congressional districts that touch Howard County (2, 3 and 7)? Maybe after the filing deadline I will put something together…if nothing else a set of links to the online outreach for each candidate.


Scott E


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