Candidates for Governor in Maryland – February 2018 Social Media Followers Scorecard

Back in January I wrote “Democratic Candidates for Governor in Maryland – December 2017 Technology Outreach Scorecard“…it has been about two months so I thought I would take a quick look at many followers candidates added or lost in that time frame. I wanted to write a full scorecard but I have work to do today so I just didn’t have the time….those will be coming in future evaluations. Here is the data and some of my comments:

The candidates:

Larry Hogan (R):

Rushern Baker (D):

Ben Jealous (D):

Rich Madaleno (D):

Alec Ross (D):

Jim Shea (D):

Krish Vignarajah (D):

Kevin Kamenetz (D):

The Scorecard: (Click the follower numbers below to view the social media page)

Canddiate Facebook Twitter
Larry Hogan (R) 274,205 (+3,612) 8,578 (+186)
Canddiate Facebook Twitter
Rushern Baker (D) 6,740 (+2,058) 3,060 (+225)
Ben Jealous (D) 18,342 (+695) 84,800+ (+2,200)
Rich Madaleno (D) 3,639 (+84) 4,738 (+378)
Alec Ross (D) 146,960 (-405) 367,000+ (-1000)
Jim Shea (D) 622 (+247) 882 (+515)
Krish Vignarajah (D) 3,632 (+488) 2,764 (+267)
Kevin Kamenetz (D) 8,922 (+57) 3,465 (+128)


I added Larry Hogan to this review (I left him out of the last one).

I only listed the major candidates in the scorecard (the three left off are Jaffe (D), Quinn (L) and Schlakman (G)).

Hogan (R) added the most new Facebook followers of all candidates since the last evaluation. Baker (D) added the most new followers of all Democrat candidates.

Jealous (D) added the most new Twitter followers of all candidates.

Ross continues to hold a significant follower advantage of all candidates on the Dem side of this race…but losing followers over time is never a good thing.

Cummings dropped out of the race back on January 5th…so she is no longer listed in evaluations.

Engagement numbers coming soon…only 17 days until the filing deadline…will anyone new hop into this race between now and then? I don’t think so but you never know. Stay tuned.

Scott E

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