Holy Cr*p…here is news I did not expect this election cycle…but am super excited by…Maryland State Senator Kasemeyer is said he plans to retire. Here is the article from the Washington Post:

Maryland Senate Budget and Taxation Committee Chair Edward J. Kasemeyer will retire after his term expires, creating a vacancy next year at the head of one of the state’s most powerful legislative committees.

You can read the full article here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/md-politics/md-senate-budget-chair-kasemeyer-to-retire/2018/02/08/1754bc2c-0d1e-11e8-8890-372e2047c935_story.html?utm_term=.986646bf070d
Is it wrong to do a little happy dance over this news? While I respect Senator Kasemeyer…maybe we can now get HB1299 fixed. No, let me say that the right way…We will (or at least should) get HB1299 fixed. And if doesn’t get corrected…we should bounce out of office those that opposed fixing it.
So who runs in that seat in D12?
The rumor mill has said the Delegate Lam has been eyeing that seat. Will he bail on his current seat and make the move to run for State Senate? I will be watching daily to see.
If nothing else…this mixes up District 12…which now becomes an exciting race to watch.
The other question is…will a serious GOP candidate hop in D12? We have Russell running for Delegate (with no money) and that is it. With 18 days remaining…time will tell.
Scott E


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