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When I read this article…I was shocked. What is the HoCoGOP doing? Here is more from The Howard County Times:

(quoted text removed at the request of the Baltimore Sun)

This very clearly appears to be an error…that the Ball team has corrected today with an amendment to the original filing.
I am far from a campaign finance report expert…but many of the reports I reviewed in full had what appears to me to be errors. Let’s talk about a few of those that I believe to have made errors:
Gail Bates (Republican in Senate District 9): Lists no PAC money on her report. But the following appears as individual contributions:

$1,000 from Association of Maryland Pilots PAC

$500 from Baltimore Gas and Electric PAC

$250 from BGE PAC

And other similar listings as individual contributions.

Trent Kittleman (Republican in Delegate 9A)Lists no PAC money on her report. But the following appears as individual contributions:

$350 from Consulting Engineers Council of Maryland PAC

$100 from Maryland Medical PAC

$600 from Maryland Medical Political Action Committee

And other similar listings as individual contributions.

These are just two examples of something that looks incorrect when I was reviewing various filings.
Are these candidates trying to inflate their individual contribution numbers? Are these candidates trying to hide their PAC contributions? Or did these candidates make honest “administrative errors” on the filings that will corrected in the future?
Maybe this is correct for ALL candidates that make mistakes on filings: “At the best this is just showing complete mismanagement but at the worst it’s fraud,” said Chris Oxenham, vice chairman of the Howard County Central Republican Committee. “He at least owes Howard County voters an explanation.”
Maybe Chris Oxenham and the Howard County Republican Party should make sure reports on the GOP side are all correct all the way down the ticket. Maybe the HoCoDems should file suit against these two candidates and others on the GOP side with errors on their reports (I am kidding…don’t do that…it was stated to make a point). This is silliness. Can we get on to the public learning about these candidates so we can choose the best representatives for us in the future?
My final note to the HoCoGOP…People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
And a note to the HoCoDems…you have candidates that have made these same errors.
Scott E