Shane Pendergrass Outspends All Candidates Running For State Delegate in Howard County

Back on January 18th I posted campaign finance numbers for all candidates running for Delegate in District 9A, 9B, 12 and 13. It is always interesting to look at who raised the most money and who spent the most money. Shane Pendergrass (running for reelection for State Delegate in District 13) outspent all other candidates for Delegate running in 2018 ($25,235.57) per the filing in January. Where did that money go? Here are some interesting notes from that report:

Binetti Political Strategies, LLC: $12,000

BPS is located in Towson, MD.

All funds listed as Consulting Fees – General

Staff Salaries: $4,000

2 staff members receiving $2,000 each.

 Verizon Wireless: $926.90

Best I can tell – this is probably for 3 cell phones.

Network Solutions: $15.99

This is for website forwarding to the Act Blue donation page. The campaigns still does not have a website or any social media outreach to potential voters.

Transfer to Team 13 Slate: $2,500

This transfer/expense is no a surprise – Team 13 runs as a slate and the fact that Delegate Pendergrass has the most cash…I would expect her campaign to be a big contributor to this slate.

Obviously the expenses listed above to not make up all funds spent…but items that caught my eye as I scanned the report. The items I listed above total ($19,442.89) and that alone is more money than any other candidate running for State Delegate in Districts 9A, 9B, 12 and 13 (the next highest total spend amount was Delegate Trent Kittleman at $17,157.17).

Delegate Pendergrass has a lot of cash on hand (more than $166,000) so this spend amount seems reasonable…and was covered by the amount of PAC money the campaign received (more than $25,000) on the report.

Given the money Delegate Pendergrass has in the campaign account…I see the probably of reelection as very high.

Scott E

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