Post update: Alicia Altamirano reached out to me and informed me that she is running for Howard County Democratic Central Committee…not Howard County Council as previously report (and as listed on the SBOE site)….so just ignore the text below.

We have a new candidate for Howard County Council in District 4: Alicia Altamirano.
Note: I am hoping the photo above is correct. She does not list a website or social media outreach in the listing but i did find the following via a Google search: If the photo is incorrect, I will be changing it ASAP. I have reached out via email to confirm and waiting to hear back. (update 9:21am: I do have confirmation that this is the correct photo).
Alicia makes the fourth Democrat candidate to file in District 4…now we have Alicia Altamirano, Deb Jung, Cynthia Fikes and Ian Bradley Moller-Knudsen. This filing makes District 4 a race to really watch in Howard County to go along with District three (which also has four Democratic candidates running for that open seat).
With Byron Macfarlane no longer in this race…Deb Jung has to be considered the favorite…but with the filing of Alicia and Cynthia….this race may be more competitive than many expected. I don’t know much about Ian but based on the financial filing…I do not see him as a serious candidate to compete with the others at this point.
Stay tuned…as I get more information on this race I will keep you updated.
Scott E