Back on January 18th I posted campaign finance numbers for all candidates running for Howard County Council. It is always interesting to look at who raised the most money and who spent the most money. Deb Jung (running for Howard County Council in District 4) outspent all other candidates running in 2018 ($13,175.52) per the filing in January. Where did that money go? Here are some interesting notes from that report:
NGP VAN: $1,800

All funds listed as: IT – Campaign Software.

TruBlue Politics: $6,423

Media Website Development ($3,000)

Printing Brochures ($2,214)

Production of T-Shirts and Rally Signs ($709)

Consulting Fees – General ($500)

TruBlue Politics is local (Ellicott City)…I love money being spent on local companies by candidates running for office!
The total spent on these two vendors ($8,223) is more than 13 other candidates running for County Council in 2018 spent in total (only Jon Weinstein spent more than this: $10,243.84 total spent via his report). The money spent on these two vendors represents more that 62% of total funds spent for the Jung campaign.
Running for County Council is expensive…but the burn rate for this campaign seems pretty high (raised: $28,737.00, spent: $13,175.52). The upside for the Jung campaign is that they hold a significant money advantage at the moment (cash balance: $15,561.48 vs the next highest candidate cash balance: $1,738.06 for Lisa Kim).
Stay tuned for additional spend numbers in other races…as soon as I have more time to do additional evaluations.
Scott E


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