John Delaney Launches New Ad For President – Dirty Word

Photo from De Moines Register

John Delaney has launched a new political ad for President – “Dirty Word”. Here is that ad via his YouTube Page:

Here is information from the De Moines Register:

The 2020 presidential campaign will art Sunday on Iowa TV screens.

John Delaney, a Maryland congressman who declared his candidacy for president last year, will begin advertising in the first-in-the-nation caucus state with a Super Bowl ad this Sunday.

In an interview with the Des Moines Register on Tuesday, Delaney said the Super Bowl spot will kick off a million-dollar ad buy that will run for four weeks on stations across Iowa. Delaney is a Democrat.

Delaney appears to be going all in on Iowa…spending this kind of money this early and the fact that he has stated “he plans to hold 400 to 500 events before January 2019, when the 2020 race is expected to begin in earnest.”.

Will this strategy work for the Congressman from Maryland? Time will tell but one thing looks for certain…he plans to spend a lot of money to try and get the nomination.

Scott E

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