Chris Yates Files To Run For Delegate In District 13

We have our first Republican candidate to join the race for Delegate in District 13: Chris Yates.

As of this post, I do not have any information on a website or any social media outreach for this candidate.

Chris Yates did run for this seat back in 2014. Here were the results in the General Election:

I will keep an eye out in case he launches a website or any social media outreach and be sure to add it to the scorecard summary page:

Scott E

One comment

  1. Scott,

    I recently had a long and very enjoyable talk with Mr. Yates. As a progressive Democrat, I found him to be intelligent, articulate, well-read and thoughtful. His remarkable background of service and experience is hard to fathom. Though we both acknowledged our differing views on a myriad of issues, I was immediately impressed with his priorities – honesty, integrity and a passion to serve others. He truly embodies the concept of “person over party.” My encounter reminded me of an old saying, “Not everyone who shakes your hand is your friend and not everyone who throws dirt in your face is your enemy.” I may differ with Mr. Yates on many issues but I have great faith in him personally. Although a Baltimore City resident, if I had the chance I would cast a vote for him without hesitation as a vote for his character. We all should try to support more candidates who possess personal merit and valor regardless of their stand on individual issues. Someone with whom I can debate with civility and mutual respect gets my vote above someone who panders and condescends on my side of the aisle. I would rather stand with a honorable person whose mind needs changing than with a scoundrel whose stain tarnishes a just position. Haven’t voters on both sides made this error far too often?

    Plus, Mr. Yates has a terrific sense of humor, too.


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