Campaign Finance Numbers – Maryland State Senate Districts 9, 12 and 13 – January 2018

We currently only have four candidates for the three Maryland Senate races…so you get all of the summary data in one blog post. Guy Guzzone got the headline photo (image update to represent all of the candidates)and when you see his numbers below you will understand why. Off to the numbers we go…

Maryland State Senate Starting Balance Amount Raised Amount Spent Cash Balance
District 9
Gail Bates (R) 61,828.77 21,835.18 4,879.70 78,784.25
Katie Hester (D) 0.00 32,329.00 11,382.42 20,946.58

Comments: Bates has the cash on hand advantage (of course she started with a big head start) but Hester out raised Bates in the latest filing. This is impressive and notable in this race. If that trend continues we could see a very competitive District 9 race.

District 12 Starting Balance Amount Raised Amount Spent Cash Balance
Ed Kasemeyer (D) 86,913.08 55,350.00 31,804.21 110,458.87

Comments: Kasemeyer does not have an opponent…either in the Primary or General…so he just kicks back and builds his war chest of money. I am a little surprised at his amount spent…but maybe doing that is keeping others out of this race. Someday some candidate will give him a real challenge…and then maybe the law passed last year in regard to how we elect Howard County Board of Education members will be corrected (yep, I am still on that kick this year and will stay on it until it is corrected).

District 13 Starting Balance Amount Raised Amount Spent Cash Balance
Guy Guzzone (D) 166,656.28 158,456.07 54,073.04 271,039.31

Comments: Holy cow Batman…that is a lot of money. Guzzone does not have an opponent in the Primary or General…and looking at those numbers I would not expect him to have a serious contender anytime soon. For those keeping score at home…Guzzone has more money on hand than does Calvin Ball (who is running for County Executive in Howard County). Mark my words…Guzzone will take that stockpile of money and run for County Executive one day!!!

Final thoughts: The only interesting race is District 9…so keep a close eye on that race. Online outreach resources for all of these candidates can be found at:

Here is a link to find all of the campaign reports for any candidate…in case you want to go lookup the actual reports:

Have a great day.

Scott E


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