Will Janet Siddiqui Run For Office In 2018?

So as I was watching the filing of financial reports come in this morning…there were some locally that caught my eye…and three in particular REALLY caught my eye. These are regarding Janet Siddiqui (previous Howard County Board of Education member).

It has been reported that she has $100,000 in a campaign account…this money came from the Excellence for Howard County Slate and that money came from Friends of Nayab Siddiqui. Here is a timeline breakdown:

January 9th: Nayab Siddiqui loans “Friends of Nayab Siddiqui” $100,000.

January 9th: “Friends of Nayab Siddiqui” transfers $100,000 to “Excellence For Howard County Slate”

January 10th: “Excellence For Howard County Slate” transfers $100,000 to “Friends of Janet Siddiqui”

Here are links to those reports:




What does all of this mean? I am not sure yet. Maybe another run for office in 2018. She has the funding now. The big question then becomes which office? She was interested (for a short time) in running for Delegate in District 13 back in 2014. This type of money could open that door again…or with four seats on the Howard County Board of Education, she could give that a go again this election. This money would give her a significant advantage over the candidates that have currently declared that they are running. I have no confirmation of anything yet…just reporting my best guesses at this point.

Stay tuned as I will continue to monitor this situation.

Scott E


  1. Good grief…am I missing something or is there a glaring loophole to get around donation limits in the campaign finance laws here? I know they are married so not sure how that works with a loan whether it is considered from joint account versus personal account but the loans in the Friends of Nayab report specifically only state the loan in Nayab’s name, not both.


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