Campaign Finance Numbers – Howard County Board Of Education Candidates – January 2018

Round two of finance report numbers…this time for candidates that are running for Howard County Board of Education in 2018. Currently we only have five declared candidates…so those are the numbers I am reporting in this post. Here is what was reported:

Board of Education Starting Balance Amount Raised Amount Spent Cash Balance
Robert Miller 1,010.36 639.00 813.74 835.62
Anita Pandey 0.00 150.00 0.00 150.00
Saif Rehman 0.00 28,245.47 5,195.60 23,049.87
Sabina Taj 0.00 3,620.00 219.05 3,400.95
Chao Wu 0.00 11,267.76 4,613.75 6,654.01


  • Rehman has the most cash…in a big way right now.
  • Miller spent more money than he raised in this latest filing…that trend can not continue for him.
  • Pandey and Taj have not been in this race for very long…so they both can (and should) improve on future reports.
  • The money burn rate for Wu is a bit high compared to the amount raised. This is something to keep an eye one.

As a reminder…Miller received the all important HCEA endorsement recently….and that is big for him!

I am expecting somewhere between 3 and 7 additional candidates to get into the race before the filing deadline late next month…so this is a race to watch in Howard County. Keep updated with the candidates running here:

Here is a link to find all of the campaign reports for any candidate:

Have a great day.

Scott E

Post Update January 20, 2018: As folks have made a lot of comments about how much money is out there in this race…I wanted to share what the money looked like back in January of 2016:


  1. Appreciate all your work; must have been a late night. However, you imply in your analysis that total money equates to support. Take Saifur (Saif) Rehman, he only received 3 contributions totaling $221.80. Most of the money is in the form of loans totaling $28,000 from Saifur Rehman, himself.


    • Thanks for the comment. If you read my comments in the post I did not imply that money had anything to do with support. My post was about summary data and how much money a campaign has to spend or has spent thus far…nothing else. If others imply anything about the data…that is on them…I am just trying to report on data.


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