Howard County Education Association Endorses Robert Miller For Board Of Education

As announced on Robert Miller’s Facebook page (on January 12th):

I was recently informed that the Howard County Education Association (HCEA) is giving my campaign for the Howard County Board of Education an early endorsement. I am honored, humbled, and excited to have their endorsement, as HCEA is composed of thousands of amazing staff members for whom I have tremendous respect. I have been an HCEA member throughout my 34-year teaching career and I know that the community values their recommendations. As a recent HCPSS educator I will provide an important perspective to the Board and if elected I look forward to collaborating with our educators, staff, other Board members, students, and community to drive HCPSS to be an even better place to learn!
Facebook: (please “like” for updates)

This is a big endorsement…all three candidates endorsed by the HCEA won in 2016:

I am a little surprised at how early this endorsement came out from the HCEA. At this point we only have five candidates that have entered the race and no official word yet on the four sitting board members plans for 2018….that being said, Robert Miller has to be ecstatic about this news. It will make him an early front runner to get one of the four seats in 2018.

You can view all of the 2018 HoCoBOE candidates online outreach links here:

Stay tuned for more information on this race in the near future.

Scott E


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