I had a good run of meetings in late 2017 with candidates running for office…so I thought I would restart those beginning next week. I sent this email to a number of candidates last night:

If you are receiving this email…we have not had a chance to connect for coffee and a chat since your filing to run for office.

It has been my goal to meet with as many local candidates I can (I figure if I am going to write about you, I should at least try and meet with you).

These meetings are off the record…just an opportunity to meet with you, learn about your campaign and maybe give you some tips about online outreach (websites and social media) before I start up my Technology Outreach Scorecards.

Feel free to review my blog: www.scotteblog.com if you want to see the things I write about (I am pretty sure I have already written something about each of you at this point)….and here is a link to the 2016 scorecard page if you want to see the things I write about in the evaluations: https://scotteblog.com/2016-scorecards/ (note – lots of links on that page…check a few out to get a good picture of what I do).

My hope is to begin setting up these meeting with you starting next week. I realize that everyone has different schedules…so tell me when is best for you and I will do my best to get it scheduled on my calendar (first to reach out and send me a day and time that works for both of us will get that time slot). I generally hold these session in Columbia (Starbucks just off Snowden River Parkway or Corner Bakery near the mall). Also, feel free to bring anyone along with you.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to connecting.


Scott Ewart




It did not take long before I got my first meeting on the books for next week. I am hoping that over the next two weeks I get an opportunity to meet with many of the candidates running for Board of Education in Howard County, Council Council, State Delegate and State Senate that I have not had a chance to meet with up to this point this election cycle.
If you did not get this email and are interested in catching up with me….feel free to email me at lscottewart@me.com and I will be happy to setup a day and time to chat.
Scott E
Update: Candidate meetings on my calendar over the next 2 weeks:

  • Terrence McAndrews
  • Robert Miller
  • China Williams
  • Cynthia Fikes
  • Saif Rehman
  • Chao Wu
  • Larry Pretlow II