The Superintendent’s Proposed FY 2019 Operating Budget is out…here is some information from the Baltimore Sun:

Howard County Superintendent Michael Martirano on Tuesday night introduced what he called a defining $850.7 million operating budget proposal that adds 137 new student service-related positions and cuts roughly four dozen administrative jobs.
An increased focus on student mental health is a major component of Martirano’s budget, which contains plans to hire a social worker for every high school and a registered nurse for every school over several years. This year’s budget includes funding for the first three social workers.
The budget proposal for fiscal 2019 is 3.9 percent larger than this year’s and requests $594.5 million from the county, $243.7 million from the state and $12.5 million from additional sources.
Much of the county’s funding covers the school system’s maintenance of effort, the minimum funding the county must provide based on student population and is mandated by the state.
Martirano’s budget, his first since being named superintendent of one of the state’s largest, wealthiest and highest achieving districts, also aims to close a $22 million health-care benefits deficit.
“[The deficit] is a dominating variable that screams at me that others have not been talking about,” Martirano said. “This is not a problem that I invented or created, but serving at the helm of the leadership right now, I have no other choice but to take it on.”
Given the “shameful” state of the school system’s finances, Martirano said he would not be able to advance as many of the county’s programs as far as he would like, but that this year would act as a “springboard” to create a road map for the next three years of his term.

You can read the full article here:
At first glance (because that is all I have had a chance to do)…I love this proposal. It appears reasonable in the dollars requested and has a much higher chance of being fully funded than the past 2 budgets proposed. Here is a break down of what we have seen over the past few years:

Request: The FY 2019 budget proposal totals $850.7 million and represents an increase of $31.6 million, or 3.9 percent, over the FY 2018 budget.

Approved: In Process

Request: The budget proposal for FY 2018 totals $868.9 million and represents an increase of $60.5 million, which is 7.5 percent.

Approved: The approved budget for FY 2018 totals $819.1 million, or approximately $2.9 million above Maintenance of Effort, which is the minimum level of funding required by state law. (an increase of $10.7 million)

Request: The Board of Education budget request for FY 2017 totals $856.4 million and represents an increase of $80.1 million from the FY 2016 Approved Operating Budget, which is 10.3 percent.

Approved: The approved Board of Education budget for FY 2017 totals $808.4 million and represents an increase of $32 million from the FY 2016 Approved Operating Budget, which is 4.1 percent.

You can view the full Superintendent’s Proposed FY 2019 Operating Budget Document here:
Additional budget data can be found here:
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