I ran across this on social media about the Government Accountability Act of 2018 and felt that is was worth sharing…From the Change Maryland Facebook page:

For three years, Governor Larry Hogan and his administration have focused on ending the culture of corruption in Annapolis by holding public officials more accountable.
Today, Governor Hogan introduced the Government Accountability Act of 2018 which will establish term limits for members of the Maryland General Assembly. Under this proposal, legislators would be able to serve a maximum of two consecutive, four-year terms in each chamber.
For far too long in Annapolis, we have seen professional politicians who spend their entire careers in office, which has led to one-party monopolies, partisanship, the stifling of honest debate and fresh ideas, and an increase in corruption.

Governor Hogan also again introduced The Legislative Transparency Act of 2018 which will require all sessions of the General Assembly to be live-streamed to the public through both audio and video.
Currently, Maryland is one of only seven states in the entire country that does not live stream video of deliberations. Marylanders deserve accountability and transparency from their elected officials, and for several years the legislature has refused to bring this legislation to the floor for a vote. Marylanders have a right to know what their lawmakers are saying and doing during a debate. Legislators should be deliberating and making these important decisions out in the open, in the light of day, instead of behind closed doors.

I love this proposed legislation for the Government Accountability Act of 2018. Term limits are needed in Annapolis and in DC…but I am good with starting with Annapolis. Now…do I think the legislators in Annapolis will vote for it…heck no. I would be shocked if it ever makes it out of committee. With elections coming up this year…now is the time to ask those running for office if they support term limits in Annapolis! Be sure I will be asking this question to everyone running for Delegate and State Senate from Howard County.
I am also a fan of the Legislative Transparency Act of 2018. I can’t imagine a reason for this not to pass in 2018. Transparency is what we deserve from our legislators in Annapolis…and live streaming deliberations will be a good step in that direction. Many meetings are live streamed in this county and in this state…why not these meetings?
Supporting these proposed bills has nothing to do with supporting Governor Hogan…it has to do with supporting legislation that is best for the people of Maryland. Shouldn’t we all support those types of bills?
Stay tuned as I reach out to candidates to get their thoughts in this and other issues coming up this session.
Scott E