It is hard to believe but it was back in April of 2017 that I began looking at this race. Kim Oldham (R) and Rich Gibson (D) remain the only two candidates in this race as of today…and I am not sure that it will change between now and the end of February so I figured it was safe to put this information out to readers now.
The candidates:
Kim Oldham (R) –
Rich Gibson (D) –
The Scorecard: (Click the follower numbers below to view the social media page)

Canddiate Facebook Twitter
Oldham 405 82
Gibson 629 248


  • Gibson holds slight advantages in followers on Facebook and Twitter.
  • I do not have tracking data yet…that will be coming in future evaluations
  • Oldham has additional accounts on Google+ and Youtube (check the website for those links)
  • Gibson has additional accounts on Instagram and Snapchat (check the website for those links)

Engagement numbers: for this evaluation I am looking at Facebook engagement over the past week:


  • Neither candidate has been super active over the past week (only three posts between the two campaigns).
  • Gibson had slightly better engagement (likes, comments, shares) numbers this past week on Facebook.

Now it is still way to early to say what this means at this point. Tracking data and reviews of engagement numbers will be more telling in future evaluations. If nothing else…you now have links to the candidates online outreach resources.
Do you have a favorite in this race?
I may try and sneak in another evaluation this month…but the majority of scorecard evaluations will begin in early March.
Scott E


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