Now that Delegate Frank Turner has decided to retire…I can not think of a better choice for Team 13 than Jen Terassa.
Now let me say this…

  1. I have not spoken to Jen about this
  2. I have not spoken to any member of Team 13 about this
  3. This is wild speculation based on my observations of local politics

Jen Terassa is term limited on the Howard County Council and there has been talk about what she might do next…including running for Register of Wills in Howard County, maybe running against Team 13 for State Delegate or maybe hanging it up from political life. With the announcement of Delegate Turner retiring…I expect there will be a lot of talk about Jen joining Team 13.
I personally can not think a a better fit for Jen Terassa going forward. As someone that lives in Howard County Council District 3 and someone that lives in Maryland State District 13…this is a race I will watch closely and write about as much as possible.
Based on her address that she filed in 2014…she does live in District 13….so that makes the transition easy.
Other people that might hop into the D13 race and join Team 13 are:
Nayab Siddiqui: He did run in 2014…so he may give it a go again in 2018.
Janet Siddiqui: She was in the D13 race for a few months and now that she is no longer serving on the Howard County Board of Education she might try and restart her political career with a run in the D13 race. Now if team 13 selects her…I think they will face a BIG backlash from parents of school aged kids that remember what happened with Foose and the BOE and could open the door for Larry Pretlow or other candidates that decide to get in this race this election cycle.
Scott Ewart: Just kidding…I have no interest in running for office…it is much more fun just to write about it.
Have another name for me to watch…email me at
Stay tuned as I will continue to follow this as closely as possible.
Scott E


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