My baby blog turns four today. It has been a fun four years of writing articles. I am a stat kind of guy and it has been nice to see the readership grow over the years:

The blog is best known for the Technology Reference Cards and the Technology Outreach Scorecards. Those has been fun to write and I hope useful to the readers.
The first scorecards ever published on the blog was back on January 20th, 2014. I wrote two scorecards showing the online outreach of the Democrat and Republican candidates for Governor in Maryland. Funny thing about the GOP scorecard was that current Governor (Larry Hogan) was not even officially in the race at that point.
The first Howard County specific scorecard written was about the County Council race in District One back on February 16, 2014.
The scorecards have come a long way since I first started them back in 2014. They now show tracking data of adding new followers, engagements scores on Facebook and Twitter and give a much better picture than the early scorecards did…but one thing I have tried to keep consistent…links to the candidates online outreach accounts as a reference to the readers. These are really the most important aspect of those resources to readers.
New scorecards have begun for this election cycle. I am hoping for some new improvements that will show even more data between now and November. I will again focus on local (Howard County) races but will also keep an eye on the Governors race and maybe a few others that catch my attention.
The other articles about local sports, local news, local events and my techie articles have been equally as fun and those will continue going forward. I think it is good to mix it up from time to time and provide a wide range of information on the blog…primarily because I have an interest in it and it gives me a resource to look back about what has happened over the years.
I want to thank all of the readers of the blog that have told me that they enjoy the information I put out to the world. I really appreciate it.
I hope everyone has a fun 2018!
Scott E