We have our 5th candidate running for Howard County Board of Education in 2018: Sabina Taj. She filed to run on January 2nd.
Sabina has a current website: https://sabinataj.wordpress.com/ and a Twitter account: https//twitter.com/SabinaTaj. Currently the Twitter account is set to private…hopefully she changes that soon if she wants followers to see and follow the account. (note – Sorry about that…I posted the wrong Twitter account…here is the correct Twitter account:  https://twitter.com/sabina_taj). I am told that a campaign Facebook page will be up in the next few days.
The five candidates we have so far are: Robert Miller, Anita Pandey, Saif Rehman, Sabina Taj and Chao Wu. I have not seen any official announcement from the current Howard County Board of Education members planning on running for reelection (although I am betting between two and four of them will seek reelection). The members up for reelection this cycle are (Cynthia L. Vaillancourt, Bess Altwerger, Sandra H. French and Ananta Hejeebu).
I am planning a technology outreach reference card in the near future for this race…similar to what I did back in 2016.
Stay tuned…as more candidates announce I will try and keep you updated.
Scott E


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