2018 Maryland Congressional Races District 2, 3 and 7 Technology Outreach Scorecard

This will be the summary page for candidates running for US Congress in Maryland in districts that are part of Howard County in 2018. I will be posting links to the ongoing Technology Outreach Scorecards or other important news.

State Board of Elections Candidate List

Maryland Congressional Races for D2. D3 & D7


Candidate Website Social Media 
Maryland 2nd 
Liz Matory (R) Facebook Twitter
Mark Shell (R) https://www.shellforcongress.com/ 
Jake Pretot (D) https://jakepretot.vote/  Facebook Twitter
Dutch Ruppersberger (D) https://www.dutchforcongress.com/  Facebook Twitter
Maryland 3rd
Charles Anthony (R)
Adam DeMarco (D) https://www.electdemarco.com/ Facebook Twitter 
John Rea (D)
Eduardo Rosas (D) Facebook  Twitter
John Sarbanes (D) https://www.johnsarbanes.com  Facebook Twitter 
Maryland 7th
Ray Bly (R) http://www.raybly.com/
Richmond Davis (R) http://www.davisforcongress2018.com/ Facebook  Twitter 
Thomas “Pinkston” Harris (R)
William Newton (R) https://www.newton1776.com/  Facebook Twitter
Michael Pearson (R)
Anthony Carter (D)
Elijah Cummings (D) https://www.cummingsforcongress.com/ Facebook Twitter
John Moser (D) http://nb.johnmoserforcongress.com/ Facebook  Twitter
Charles Smith (D)


Coming Soon!