2018 Howard County Delegates Technology Outreach Scorecards

This will be the summary page for Delegates from Howard County running for office in 2018. I will be posting links to the ongoing Technology Outreach Scorecards (expected to start in the late fall of 2017)…so be sure to check back often!

State Board of Elections Candidate List

Candidate Website
District 9A
Warren Miller (R) http://www.miller4delegate.com/ Facebook Twitter
Trent Kittleman (R) http://trentkittleman.com/ Facebook Twitter
District 9B
Dan Medinger (D) http://www.danielmedinger.com/ Facebook Twitter
District 12
Michael Russell (R)  No Website Facebook Twitter
Eric Ebersole (D)  http://www.ericebersole.org/ Facebook Twitter
Terri Hill (D)  http://friendsofterrihill.org/ Facebook Twitter
Clarence Lam (D)  http://www.clarencelam.com/ Facebook Twitter
District 13
Vanessa Atterbeary (D)  No Website Facebook Twitter
Frank Turner (D) http://votefrankturner.com/
Shane Pendergrass (D)  No Website