2018 Howard County Council Technology Outreach Scorecards

This will be the summary page for Howard County Council Candidates running for office in 2018. I will be posting links to the ongoing Technology Outreach Scorecards (expected to start in the late fall of 2017) and will be your one stop shop for all things Howard County Council election related news and information…so be sure to check back often!

State Board of Elections Candidate List

District 1
Raj Kathuria (R) www.vote4raj.com Facebook Twitter
Sunmy Brown (R) www.onevoicehoco18.org
Jon Weinstein (D) www.vote4jon.com Facebook Twitter
District 2
John Liao (R) http://johnliao.us/ Facebook Twitter 
Opel Jones (D) http://www.opeljones.com/ Facebook Twitter
District 3
Christiana Rigby (D) https://christianarigby.com/ Facebook Twitter
Steve Hunt (D) stevehunt4hoco.com Facebook Twitter
Hiruy Hadgu (D) https://www.hiruyhadgu.com/ Facebook Twitter
Greg Jennings (D) http://jenningsforhoward.com/ Facebook Twitter
District 4
Lisa Kim (R) https://votelisakim.com/ Facebook Twitter
Deb Jung (D) www.votedebjung.com Facebook Twitter
Byron Macfarlane (D) byronmacfarlane.com Facebook Twitter
Ian Bradley Moller-Knudsen (D)
District 5
David Yungmann (R) www.davidyungmann.com Facebook
Jim Walsh (R) http://www.walsh4hoco.com/ Facebook  Twitter
China Williams (D)  http://chinawilliams.com/ Facebook  Twitter