The final blog post of 2017! I always find it interesting to look back on the most popular posts of the year…here are the top 5 viewed posts of 2017:
1. Create Custom Profile Frames On Facebook
A “techie” post lead the way in 2017. Readers were very interested to find instructions on creating Profile Frames on Facebook.
2. HCPSS Superintendent Renee Foose to HoCoBOE – I Don’t Care
A classic post with a video where the previous Howard County Public School System Superintendent said “I Don’t Care” to the Howard County Board of Education during a public meeting. This post also has lots of links of what lead up to this meeting and shows how toxic the environment was between the leaders of our local school system.
3. Christine O’Connor Loves The Howard County Hate Watch Page
Who remembers the Howard County Hate Watch Facebook page? The page that went out of its way to attack…well everyone they could…then they provided us with a screenshot of now ex-Board of Education member Christine O’Connor’s Facebook account stating that she loved this page and that more attacks should happen against another Board member. Thank goodness that page is gone now.
4. Two New Candidates for Howard County Council – Raj Kathuria and Lisa Kim
The post about two GOP candidates (Raj Kathuria and Lisa Kim) running for Howard County Board of Education in 2018 made the top 5 list this year. At the time of the post neither candidate had their websites up and running so that helped with Google search results on this post early on after publishing.
5. Allan Kittleman Should Call Out Members Of His Own Party ASAP
Hateful Facebook accounts seemed to pop up from everywhere in 2017…and this one still exists: No Sanctuary Howard County. I refuse to provide a link and give it any click throughs as it is still posting nasty and hateful content. I was happy to see County Executive Kittleman finally call them out (not by name but in context) back on November 12th:

My article was written back in January so this took a while and we had to deal with lots of posts from those that oversee that page before an announcement came out from our CE. I really hope he does more calling out the silly people that are actually hurting this community…even when they are part of his political party.
I hope you enjoyed these and all of the posts in 2017. Much more will be coming in 2018. The Technology Outreach Scorecards have begun and I am planning a lot of posts over the next year showing the online outreach of candidates, there will be more “techie” posts and I have a few new ideas for the blog I am hoping to get off the ground in 2018.
This blog will turn 4 years old on January 4th…I will have a 4 year review on that date with some site stats and other fun information.
I hope you all have a fun and safe New Years Eve and a wonderful New Year.
Scott E


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