YouTube TV apps for Apple TV and Roku are coming in early 2018

I “Cut The Cord” months ago getting rid of cable TV and moving over to streaming services and an indoor antenna (for local channels) for the household TV options. I started with Sling TV (along with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon which I already had) and recently made the move over to YouTube TV (today is my last day with Sling TV). I was really hoping that the app would be out for Apple TV and Roku by now…but it looks like we will all be waiting until the new year for that feature: (via Engadget)

If you were hoping for the dedicated YouTube TV app to show up on your Roku or Apple TV this year, you will need to wait just a little longer. When announced back in October, we were told that apps were headed to the Xbox One, Apple TV and Roku “in the coming weeks.” When reached for comment, a Google spokesperson claimed that there is no delay, and that the roll out is happening as planned.

YouTubeTV is available across 84 different metro areas, and can be viewed on Chromecast, Xbox One, Android TV and newer Samsung and LG smart TVs. YouTube told CNET that in addition to the Roku and Apple TV apps, YouTube TV will also come to older smart TVs, like Samsung TVs from 2014 and 2015, as well as Sony sets that use older Linux-based operating systems. YouTube TV competes with regular cable, of course, but also Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, PlayStation Vue and DirecTV Now, which are already available on more devices, including the Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku.

It is still pretty easy to Air Play YouTube TV from my phone to my Apple TV connected to the TV…but I really want the app sooner rather than later in 2018.

Also, if you are using the Apple TV, did you see that you now have Amazon Prime Video via a new app? I was super excited to see this new app!

Note – I am still paying significantly less money for all of the streaming services than I was paying for cable TV…and have access to all of the content I want…I remain very happy with my decision to move away from Verizon for that service.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Scott E

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