This is an early look at the social media outreach of the candidates running for Howard County Executive in 2018. As this is my first review, I will not have any tracking data yet…but that will be coming in future scorecards.
The candidates:
Allan Kittleman (R) –
Calvin Ball (D) –
Harry Dunbar (D) – No website noted as of this post
The Scorecard: (Click the follower numbers below to view the social media page)

Candidate Facebook Twitter
Kittleman (R) 6,241 5,068
Ball (D) 6,043 2,458
Dunbar (D) n/a n/a

Harry Dunbar does not appear to have a website or any social media outreach as of this post, so I have no evaluation of his outreach. If he plans to be competitive in this race, I highly recommend he start his online outreach efforts soon.
Kittleman and Ball have about the same number of Facebook followers (slight edge to Kittleman) while Kittleman holds a significant follower advantage on Twitter as of today. Kittleman also lists Google+ and Instagram on his website.
As mentioned above, I do not have tracking data as of yet…this will be a telling indicator going forward.
Engagement numbers: for this evaluation I am looking at Facebook engagement over the past week:

Both Kittleman and Ball have made a similar number of posts over the past week with similar engagement numbers (a slight edge to Kittleman).
As this is my first look, I am not picking an online “leader” for this evaluation. Future evaluations will show tracking data and additional engagement numbers that will provide a more clear leader in online outreach efforts.
This should be a fun race to watch…stay tuned for more information.
(Note – I hope to do a t-shirt evaluation on this race before the end of this year or early in 2018 – whenever I can get shirts from both candidates).
Have a great weekend.
Scott E