Howard County Executive – December 2017 Technology Outreach Scorecard

This is an early look at the social media outreach of the candidates running for Howard County Executive in 2018. As this is my first review, I will not have any tracking data yet…but that will be coming in future scorecards.

The candidates:

Allan Kittleman (R) –

Calvin Ball (D) –

Harry Dunbar (D) – No website noted as of this post

The Scorecard: (Click the follower numbers below to view the social media page)

Candidate Facebook Twitter
Kittleman (R) 6,241 5,068
Ball (D) 6,043 2,458
Dunbar (D) n/a n/a


Harry Dunbar does not appear to have a website or any social media outreach as of this post, so I have no evaluation of his outreach. If he plans to be competitive in this race, I highly recommend he start his online outreach efforts soon.

Kittleman and Ball have about the same number of Facebook followers (slight edge to Kittleman) while Kittleman holds a significant follower advantage on Twitter as of today. Kittleman also lists Google+ and Instagram on his website.

As mentioned above, I do not have tracking data as of yet…this will be a telling indicator going forward.

Engagement numbers: for this evaluation I am looking at Facebook engagement over the past week:


Both Kittleman and Ball have made a similar number of posts over the past week with similar engagement numbers (a slight edge to Kittleman).


As this is my first look, I am not picking an online “leader” for this evaluation. Future evaluations will show tracking data and additional engagement numbers that will provide a more clear leader in online outreach efforts.

This should be a fun race to watch…stay tuned for more information.

(Note – I hope to do a t-shirt evaluation on this race before the end of this year or early in 2018 – whenever I can get shirts from both candidates).

Have a great weekend.

Scott E


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