Byron Macfarlane Withdraws From Howard County Council District 4 Race

Running for office is never easy…and I was sad to read that Byron Macfarlane will no longer be running for Howard County Council in District 4. Here is the information he sent out via email yesterday:

Dear friend,

Over the past several days and weeks, I’ve been fortunate to spend time with my family and close friends. The holidays naturally give us the chance to take a break from our daily lives and reflect on the past, present, and future. 

I’ve had many conversations with those closest to me about what is best for me now, in the year ahead, and the years that follow. I’ve decided that the best path forward for me is to take a break from electoral politics. 

Earlier today, I formally withdrew my candidacy for Howard County Council.

I want to express my profound gratitude for the faith you put in me to represent you. I still believe the 2018 election presents our county with the chance to chart a bold progressive future, to promote civility, and to reject the politics of hatred, ignorance, and dishonesty. While I will not be on the ballot, I will support progressive candidates and remain active in my community. I look forward to completing the final year of my term as Register of Wills and assisting my successor with a smooth transition.

I am grateful for your friendship, support, and the privilege of serving the people of Howard County.

Warm regards,


P.S. For those of you who so generously contributed to this campaign, if you would like your contribution returned please reply to this e-mail and we will be happy to issue you a refund.

This changes the race in District 4 making Deb Jung the front runner against Ian Bradley Moller-Knudsen in the Democratic Primary and the winner will take on Lisa Kim in the General…unless someone else now throws their hat in the ring in this race.

You can learn more about these candidates here:  CLICK HERE

Have a great weekend,

Scott E

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