Larry Pretlow II Files for Maryland Delegate in District 13

I am playing catchup on some recent candidate filings here in Howard County…this is the first of a few posts…

Larry Pretlow II has filed to run for Delegate in District 13. Here is some information from his website:

I live in the Oakland Mills Community of Columbia, Maryland. I am a proud dad of toddlers and a working American. I am a state licensed Security Guard. I know the struggles in taking care of family, managing household expenses and fighting to keep gainful employment while going through the ups and downs of marriage. I also understand the sacrifice in putting your children first and the decision to go back to school.

In recent years, I’ve participated in conversations about how we can move Maryland Forward, For All Of Us. I enjoyed those conversations because they were uncomfortable. Thankfully, I believe uncomfortable conversations often build bridges that serve as vital vessels for progressive changes.

Truth is, we all are impacted by social injustices rather mass shootings or tragic police events. If you are the oppressed or being blamed for the oppression, I empathize with you. When we stand divided, we are distracted. We cannot expect folks to make better choices without working to help create better circumstances.

I speak to disrupt the comfortability of anyone working against the people. I speak for the inclusiveness and diversity of the people. I am committed to the every day fight that will ensure that we all endure better circumstances so that we all can make better choices.

Trust me. Black, White or Brown, my advocacy, work and leadership is your voice, and I will strive to ensure equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity, For All of Us.

I don’t know much about Larry yet but look froward to watching his campaign going forward. “Team 13” is a tough out…but he only has to get more votes than one of those three candidates…and this might be the year that it happens.

By the way…District 13 is my district…so I will be paying close attention to this race.

Larry has a website and list Facebook and Twitter for outreach to voters. The Technology Reference Card will be updated as soon as I can.

Have a great evening.

Scott E


  1. I sent Larry a message on his site and I got a promise for a response and eventually I got a response. This showed me that not only will he make a promise, he will also deliver on that promise.

    I also believe that someone in his team took time to make sure that whatever the response would be, it had to be wholesome.

    Larry lost an older brother to gun violence. But he didn’t go off and become angry about guns. Instead, the position he takes, protects 2nd Amendment Rights while making sure that anyone charged/convicted of violent criminal offenses cannot purchase a gun – a right that you forfeit when you decide to commit a violent crime. He then says, that he wants to ensure penalty for anyone in illegal possession of a gun.

    I hate guns. But I know that with Larry, anyone with a gun will most likely be someone not in the practice of harming others just because they are angry about a dispute.

    He also cares about Retail Workers and our jobs. He respects our jobs as a skill-building profession and as customer service careers. Instead of arguing abut 15.00 an hour, he wants retailers to cut their corporate bonuses and reinvest into employees for living and savings wages.

    I then got to the Meet Larry bio page.
    I learned that Larry Pretlow :
    has some college under his belt (Strayer U & UMUC).
    Married but is legally separated from his wife.
    Has two biological toddlers and an older step-daughter.
    Lives in an apartment, wants to buy a home in District 13
    Works as a state licensed Secuirty Guard
    Is a former employee of the United States Postal Service who is speaking up for himself in a NLRB case, currently open before the board.
    You would think these are things working against him but instead he is making all of those things work for him in his campaign.

    He manages to insist that he can appeal to the white working-class Americans who are the majority of the electorate in a diversely growing district.

    Almost half of the electorate represents the ethnic diversity, while more than half are white, college educated, married, homeowners with and without children.

    He argues that Team 13 is diverse in ethnicity but not diverse in advocacy for all constituents.

    So I took my computer to my Mom. An educated, white, working-class, divorced woman.

    She immediately identified with Larry, because he wants to buy his own home here in the area and talked about increasing property value without higher property tax and bringing investments that would bring secure jobs growth to the area. Also, community and school safety. He talks about restorative justice.

    My Mom hates her 1 hour commute to work every morning. And she always says that kids are getting in trouble need to learn how to take to each other and do things in the community together.

    Funny thing, she thought that Larry was running for the county council.

    I’m excited about the Delegate race, which I didn’t really care about at first. But my Mom and I want to help elect Larry.


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