Howard County Professional Fire Fighters Association Endorse Allan Kittleman for County Executive in 2018

Tis the season for political endorsements…and there is no way for me to keep up with them all…but this one caught my eye and I thought I would put it out there….

Here is information from the Kittleman website:

In a ceremony today at their Columbia headquarters, Howard County Professional Fire Fighters Association President Richard L. Ruehl announced IAFF Local 2000’s endorsement of Allan Kittleman for County Executive in 2018.

“Allan has proven himself to be an honest and independent leader,” said Ruehl. “Local 2000 is firmly behind Allan Kittleman, and we intend to campaign hard for him throughout 2018.”

The endorsement of Kittleman is noteworthy, as this is the first time in Local 2000’s history that they have endorsed a republican candidate for county executive. Ruehl noted, “Since taking office in 2014, our Union has developed an incredibly positive working relationship with him. I can personally attest that with Allan, there is no politics. He’s a trustworthy guy who clearly has Howard County’s best interests at heart.

He has proven that with the decisions he has made regarding staffing of our department, and moving forward with additional fire stations to better serve the citizens.”

Standing in front of a large “IAFF Fire Fighters for Kittleman” banner, President Ruehl and members of the Howard County Professional Fire Fighters Association presented Kittleman with a chief’s helmet and Howard County Fire Fighters for Kittleman campaign shirt, made by the Union.

“To me, this endorsement means a great deal,” said Kittleman. “Every time that bell rings, fire fighters and EMTs put their lives on the line for our community — regardless of the time of day, how nasty the conditions, or the dangers that lie ahead. To earn their endorsement is a great honor, and I look forward to our continued partnership in 2018 and beyond.”

You can read more here:

It is expected that today Allan Kittleman will finally have an official opponent for County Executive: Calvin Ball. Calvin Ball Special Announcement on November 9th. I expect that this will be a highly attended event. I am going to try an make it out to it…but my schedule has been crazy lately and there is a chance I might miss it…so I am hoping for LOTS of social media posts about it if I don’t make it out tonight. I love the blog and attending events…but work and family stuff comes first…the upside is there are MANY out in the community that keep me informed of the happenings when I can not make it out and about…

Happy Thursday everyone!

Scott E

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