As reported on the Cumberland Times-News Website:

CUMBERLAND — Amie Hoeber told the Times-News Monday she is running for Congress and hopes to represent Maryland’s 6th District in the U.S. House of Representatives.
The 6th District includes Allegany, Garrett, Washington, Frederick and northern Montgomery counties.
Hoeber, a Republican, ran for the seat in 2016 and lost to incumbent Rep. John Delaney. Hoeber garnered nearly 41 percent of the vote in 2016, winning Allegany, Garrett and Washington counties. However, Delaney won Frederick County and northern Montgomery County, taking 56 percent of the total vote.
Delaney, a Democrat, will not run for re-election. He announced in July he will seek the democratic nomination for president of the United States.
“I have not slowed down since last time,” said Hoeber. “I enjoyed running. But, I think with Delaney gone, I have a better shot.
“I was a total political newcomer last time. I showed how much I cared. I received 41 percent and that was against an entrenched two-term incumbent. With him gone, it is an open seat.”
Hoeber is a former deputy undersecretary of the U.S. Army under President Ronald Reagan.
“I still believe I am the best person for the district,” said Hoeber. “I will represent the entirety of the district. I don’t think it has been adequately represented.”
Hoeber, who resides in Potomac, said she wants to build the economy and create jobs for Western Maryland.
“I think business development throughout our area and job growth are key objectives for the 6th District,” said Hoeber. “I want to assist the economic drivers that bring growth to Hagerstown, Hancock, Cumberland and all the way through Western Maryland.
“The other thing I care very deeply about is the opioid crisis. We have more people killed by drug overdoses in Maryland than are killed in auto accidents. We need to work on this problem. Much more needs to be done. I am partial to bringing more federal attention to that problem.”
Hoeber has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stanford University. Originally from Santa Barbara, California, Hoeber has a son and five stepsons.
She said she also wants to move forward on infrastructure and transportation improvements. She was pleased to hear Gov. Larry Hogan announce his support for additional broadband fiber for Allegany and Garrett counties.
“The increase in broadband availability is a major improvement,” said Hoeber. “This helps businesses and makes them more competitive.
“Gov. Hogan works across the aisle to get things done. I am willing to work with anyone as well. My reputation is, I was decisive and I get things done. I want to carry that approach to Congress. I’m willing to work across the aisle. I think it should be a ‘goal focus,’ not a focus on ideology.”
Hoeber also would like to see a comprehensive review on health care.
“My view is we need to rethink the whole structure of the provision of health care,” said Hoeber. “Find a provision to take care of pre-existing conditions. If it involves repeal and replace, fine, but we need to do it in concert without blaming (former President Barack) Obama or the government. There should be no name-calling and we should do what is the right approach for the country.”
Hoeber said national security is also a priority.
“I worry about the international threats as well as the internal threats,” she said. “Montgomery County has problems with (the gang) MS-13, and that is a national security threat. It may not be North Korea or Iran, but it is a national security threat.”
Hoeber said Delaney did not adequately serve Western Maryland.
“He was not in the Autumn Glory (parade and festival in Garrett County last weekend),” said Hoeber. “I think that is a first (that our representative has not attended). He is off running for president.”
So far, those who have filed with the Maryland Election Board as candidates for the 6th District seat are Democratic candidate Andrew Duck of Frederick, and three Republican candidates: Bradley Rohrs of Germantown, Matt Mossburg of Frederick, and Lisa Lloyd of Potomac.
In addition, George Gluck, of the Green Party, Libertarian candidate Kevin Caldwell of Brunswick and Ted Athey, unaffiliated, of Hagerstown, have filed to be on the ballot in the general election.
Maryland Sen. Roger Manno, businessman David Trone, and Del. Aruna Miller, (Democrats) all of Montgomery County, have announced they would run for the 6th District seat, although they have yet to file their application with the election board.
Hoeber said she will be filing the required paperwork in the coming weeks. The primary will be June 26 and the general election on Nov. 6.
“It’s about the future of our younger generations,” said Hoeber. “They must have the maximum ability to have successful lives in our great country.”
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I checked and no official announcement on the social media channels of Amie Hoeber as of this afternoon…other than sharing of this story on Facebook….so I am guessing it is official now. I am sure events will be planned for the near future.
It will be a crowded field for the Republicans and Democrats in MD06 with lots of money spent on this open seat. I don’t yet see a clear favorite for the Democrats (although Trone’s money advantage will be helpful). I think Amie is the favorite for the Republicans right now…the real questions is will someone else enter this race between now and February?