In case you missed the Howard County Board of Education meeting last night, here is a recap of the Interim Superintendent’s recommendation regarding redistricting (via HCPSS Press Release):

Howard County Public School System Interim Superintendent Dr. Michael J. Martirano presented his recommendations to relieve overcrowding in elementary and high schools, open new Elementary School #42 and align feeder patterns in middle schools at a meeting with the Board of Education on Tuesday, October 3, 2017.
The proposal takes into consideration the 2017 Feasibility Study, two plans submitted by the Attendance Area Committee and input received from the community, and offers innovative solutions that combine programmatic expansion with redistricting to reduce overcapacity and address feeder pattern inconsistencies.
There will be no high school redistricting for 2018–19 under Martirano’s proposal. The next high school redistricting process will begin during the 2020–21 school year to prepare for opening High School #13 in fall 2022. The recommendations include JumpStart HCPSS, an initiative to expand dual enrollment options for students at Centennial, Howard and Long Reach high schools. This expansion will more than double the number of HCPSS students taking advantage of dual enrollment opportunities, which enable high school students to earn college credits while attending high school through a partnership with Howard Community College.
The Interim Superintendent’s proposal includes redistricting 1,922 elementary students to fill Elementary School #42 and bring 37 schools at or below target utilization, providing relief to schools in Columbia and in the eastern and northern parts of the county. Redistricting at the middle school level is proposed to move approximately 300 students to align feeder patterns with the realigned elementary attendance areas.
More information, including the report given to the Board of Education and a one-page document that details the recommendations, is available on the HCPSS website at
The Board will hold public hearings on attendance area adjustment on October 26 and November 7, and is scheduled to take action on November 16.

You can visit the School Planning page on the HCPSS website for documents with additional details:
Andrew Michaels (Reporter for the HoCoTimes) live tweeted a little bit and published this article last night:  Martirano’s plan would slow redistricting
While not everyone will love these recommendations (because there is no way to make everyone happy in this process) – I think it is the right plan for Howard County right now. A worse plan would be to move forward with the full redistricting plan this year and have to do it all over again in a few years.

If high schools were redistricted for the next school year, he said, the county would have to redistrict again in 2022 when High School 13 opens.
“I don’t want to put the county through two redistricting [processes],” Martirano said.

Those following the AFPO bills before the Howard County Council…I ran across this yesterday from Jen Terrasa (Council Council – District 3):

In addition last night, the APFO bills, CB61-62, were tabled, and there will be a work session on APFO on Wednesday, October 11th from 11am-5pm. As always, residents are invited to attend or you can watch us online here: In my opinion, updating our APFO regulations is long overdue; I see no reason not to vote on this bill next month. The citizens of Howard County deserve to have the changes to our public facilities ordinance updated and upgraded to keep up with the population growth our county has seen.

I do hope this is dealt with soon…and dealt with in the best interest of the residents of Howard County.
That is all I have today…Sorry I have not been as active on the blog recently…work has been busy and looks to stay that way for a while (always a good thing for me).
Make today a great day!
Scott E