Renee Foose Declines Job With Maryland Department of Education

Image via Baltimore Sun Website

I was so going to have a hissy fit this morning attacking our Governor and our various State Senators…but I guess I have to be chill now…this was reported by the Baltimore Sun late yesterday:

Renee Foose, whose tumultuous tenure as Howard County school superintendent ended in May, said Wednesday she has declined to take a position with the Maryland State Department of Education that had been approved by the state school board Tuesday.

“Our education system is being undercut by toxic politics,” Foose said in an email Wednesday evening. “The only way to change this toxic environment is to demonstrate civility and lead by example. I have a great deal of knowledge and skills to contribute, but not at the expense of having my family, friends and colleagues attacked and harassed.”

Foose was formally offered the job Tuesday evening, she said, after the school board voted to accept state Schools Superintendent Karen Salmon’s recommendation to give her a job as an assistant superintendent for assessment, accountability and information technology.

Foose would have earned between $92,000 and $123,000, according to a description of the position. The salary would have come on top of nearly $1.65 million in salary and benefits the Howard County school board agreed to pay Foose to persuade her to retire. The payments represented more than what it would have cost the board to keep her for the remaining three years left on her contract.

Here is the letter release by our Governor (Larry Hogan) yesterday:

While the Governor may not have direct authority over the SBOE….here is important information to know:

The Maryland State Board of Education (State Board) was organized in 1864 and, as the head of the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), has general control and supervision over public schools and the educational interests of the State. The State Board is a 12-member body appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the State Senate. Eleven members serve staggered four-year terms and a student member serves a one-year term. All members are eligible to be reappointed to a second full term.

So the Governor and our State Senators (here in Howard County: Bates, Kasemeyer and Guzzone)  does have authority over the State Board of Education members who hires the head of the Maryland Department of Education who then hires staff members. Maybe it is time for a change at our State level when it comes to education in Maryland…and be sure to make this an issue this election cycle. This is an important issue that we should not let just let go with the silliness that just happened. Someone is accountable and everyone involved should be held accountable.

I am happy that this played out the way it did…but will not forget this past couple of years and will continue to pay close attention to these type of issues.

On that note…have a great day…

Scott E

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