In what I can only call the craziest thing I have heard in a while…the Maryland State Board of Education has hired former Howard County Superintendent Renee Foose. Here is information from Baltimore Business Journal:

Renee Foose, the embattled former Howard County Public Schools superintendent, has been hired for a job with the Maryland State Department of Education.
Foose will be an assistant state superintendent within the department’s Office of the Deputy for Teaching and Learning, Division of Assessment, Accountability and Information Technology. Bill Reinhard, a spokesman for the State Department of Education, said state school board members voted to approve her appointment Tuesday. He said there was no discussion before the vote.

Foose retired as head of Howard County Public Schools in May, after parents and state and local legislators called for her resignation. She faced criticism over her management style, which observers said lacked transparency.

The Howard school board agreed to pay $1.65 million in salary and benefits in exchange for her retirement three years before her contract with the school system was set to expire, according to the Baltimore Sun . As part of the agreement, Foose withdrew a lawsuit accusing the board of undermining her authority as superintendent.

Foose’s annual salary in her new role will range between $92,333 and $123,236, according to board documents. She will report directly to the deputy state superintendent for teaching and learning and will be responsible for directing and overseeing the state’s student assessment and school accountability programs.

Howard lawmakers said Tuesday afternoon they were surprised by the news.

“It’s really unbelievable,” said Del. Vanessa Atterbeary, a Howard County Democrat who sponsored legislation this General Assembly session that would have given local school boards the ability to remove their superintendent “for immorality, misconduct in office, insubordination, incompetency or willful neglect of duty.” The bill, which was introduced late in the session, did not make it out of a House committee in time for a vote by the full chamber.

“How someone who couldn’t keep the confidence of their surrounding school system could be put at a deputy level to run the state schools – I don’t see how that would work and I don’t see how that person would get that job,” she said.

Howard County Councilman Calvin Ball, a Democrat who represents Columbia, said in a statement that he was “deeply disappointed” by the state school board’s decision “to reinsert (Foose) into our schools.”

Reinhard did not immediately respond to a request for further comment on Foose’s hiring.

I think I am with Councilman Calvin Ball…”deeply disappointed”.
I also hope that Governor Hogan knows what is going on within his State Board of Education…and if not, this is an opportunity to reach out to him and make sure he knows how you feel about this hiring:
Scott E


  1. Hogan knows. His buddies Finn and Smarick who help keep us tied to Pearson/PARCC and Common Core helped with her appointment. Personally, I think Kittleman knew she was spreading her wings for State appointment and didn’t want to buck the system…..hence the “retirement”. Howard County got screwed….BIG TIME!

  2. And already Ann DeLacy (speakeroftruth in the comment section of the Baltimore Sun) is spewing her hate and lies and defending Foose. We live in such a horrible world right now and this doesn’t make it any better.