Gail Bates Files for Reelection in 2018

It is official now…Gail Bates has filed her paperwork seeking re-election to Maryland State Senate District 9 in 2018. I believe now that all of the currently elected officials from Howard County have made it official that they are seeking re-election in 2018.

Bates currently does not have a Primary opponent, but she will have an opponent in the General (currently Katie Hester)

The website for the campaign is online: Social media links are listed to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn at the bottom of the website. I will be updating the Technology Outreach Scorecard with some of those links very soon.

Will the vote on HB1299 be an issue for State Senator Bates? I am not sure it will make a big difference but it might…this was a very popular bill supported by many here in Howard County.

This is all I have to report this morning…back to the beach I go.

Scott E

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