Let me start with a couple of notes…
– I know, I said I was taking a break…but I was up early and saw this filing and just had to put it out to the readers.
– This is why I sometimes wait to post information at times….I had info that Sunmy Brown was running for District 2…obviously that was wrong information and I am happy to have not posted it when I received it….I always try to verify before I post.
Here is information from Sunmy Brown’s website:

Hello, my name is Sunmy Brown. I graduated from Centennial High School with the Class of 1994. I was born in the Charm City in 1976, Bi-Centennial year, and grew up on East Monument Street in Baltimore, MD for about 10 months of my life, until my South Korean Immigrant parents moved my sister, grandmother, and I to Essex, MD for a short stint. As a family, we eventually matriculated to a pre-planned community called Columbia Hills, Meadow Brook Farms in Howard County Maryland, which is now the Long Gate Shopping Center.
Growing up in Howard County, I attended Northfield Model Elementary School, Dunloggin Middle School, and Centennial High School: Commitment to Excellence.
I was educated in the world-renowned Howard County Public School System that nurtured in me a desire to serve my neighbors, the community, and remain forever grateful and loyal to Family, God, and Country.

You can view the website here: https://onevoicehoco18.org/
I do not think the social media links are working as of this morning (the links on the bottom of the website do not work yet).
I will keep an eye on this and update the Technology Scorecard summary page soon. I will also try and schedule a “coffee with the candidate” session in the near future.
Have fun today.
Scott E