No Websites For Team 13 In Howard County

So if I am going to pick on GOP candidates for not using Twitter for outreach to potential voters, I have to also call out Team 13 for not having an operating website for any of the candidates. As it stands today, you can not view a campaign website for State Senator Guzzone or State Delegates Atterbeary, Pendergrass or Turner.

This has not always been the case…each has had operational campaign websites in the past. I still have those old URLs in my previous technology scorecards and some still list these addresses on their social media accounts. Here is what we have today for each:

State Senator Guzzone: (This is listed on his Facebook page)

I guess I am happy that his page is ok…but that is obviously not a campaign website.

State Delegate Atterbeary: (This is the old site address – no longer listed on her social media accounts)

Looks like the URL lapsed and someone else grabbed it before her team could renew it. I totally understand why this address has been removed from her accounts. Currently, a new site has not be relaunched.

State Delegate Pendergrass:

The site is gone and in its place is a redirection to the Act Blue account for Delegate Pendergrass. I guess this is better than nothing…but not by much.

State Delegate Turner: (You can still find this via Google searches)

This site was operational not all that long ago…but apparently the team has allowed it to lapse and anyone that wants it can go pick it up.

As of this post no one (Democrat or Republican) has filed to challenge Team 13 and the odds of taking one of these candidates down this election cycle are pretty thin for any candidate….but that does not mean that I am good with the lack of online outreach to residents and voters in District 13 (by the way, that is the district that I reside). My hope is that this changes in the near future (heck – we now have two GOP County Council Candidates on Twitter for voter outreach – so anything is possible)…and hey, I know this local web developer that would be willing to help any or all of the candidates get a professional website up and running at an affordable price.

I will continue to monitor this situation and list all online voter outreach resources in the Senate / Delegate Scorecards this election cycle.

Make today a fun day.

Scott E


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