Today kicks off the Howard County Fair. Here is some information you may find interesting:
Plan Your Visit:

Whether you’re planning your family’s first visit, or are a Fair regular, we’re here to help make it easy!
Be sure to download our latest brochure, print out a copy of our Fair Map, and take a look at our special deals!
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Enjoy family magic shows, clowns and balloon artists during the afternoons.
Each evening, you’ll be treated to some of the area’s best music, from rock and country, to bluegrass and oldies!
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Get ready to experience our thrilling rides, interactive exhibits, educational demonstrations and incredible food!
There are plenty of things to see and do during your fun-filled day with us!
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On the political front…the HoCoReps and HoCoDems usually have their trailers with campaign signs and volunteers staffing the trailers. Be sure to swing by and visit both…I expect them to both to be full of campaign signs given the number of candidates running this election cycle.
I try and make it out to the fair once or twice. I know I will be attending on the 12th (and maybe another day…depends on how busy I get this week). I like the closing parade (and might even participate this year). I will try and get a few photos on the days I am out and about this week.
Be sure to use the hashtag #HoCoFair on your social media posts this week.
Have a fun weekend!
Scott E