Now that John Delaney is not running for re-election in Maryland’s Congressional District 6, the rumors of who might get into the race are floating around in the social media and blogger arenas. The most intriguing name out there to me is Maryland DLLR Secretary Kelly Schulz. It has been mentioned (but not confirmed) that she is considering entering the race (mentioned by A Miner Detail and Red Maryland – both Maryland bloggers). She would be a VERY strong candidate.
We knew that David Trone was considering running if Delaney decided not to run for this office again…and it looks like he might be announcing this week. Trone has the money to self fund his campaign and immediately becomes a serious challenger on the Democratic side of the ticket. The other candidates raising money (Frick and Miller) will need to raise much more money going forward. Money itself does not win elections (Trone saw that back in 2016 with his Primary loss to Raskin in MD08) but it helps significantly.
Many other GOP potential candidates continue to be mentioned but none confirmed yet. Names include: Terry Baker, Michael Higgs, Adam McKee and most recently Mathew Mossburg.
Now keep in mind…not all bloggers get their information correct. Red Maryland made this call recently about Amie Hoeber:

Monday came and went and no official word from Amie Hoeber. A Miner Detail actually reached out to Hoeber and this is what he reported:

The decade-old Red Maryland reported incorrectly that Hoeber will announce her second congressional bid today. When reached for comment yesterday, Hoeber told A Miner Detail that Red Maryland’s reporting is “absolutely false” and that while she is “exploring her options,” she has not made any definitive decision on running.

So a big swing and miss for Red Maryland.

My advice, don’t always believe what you read on blogs. Some bloggers are better than others about reporting real information. Many of us at least try to report non-biased information to our readers…but that can not be said about every blogger.
I have no special insight on this race…just trying to keep up with what is mentioned online. This is a race I am very interesting in following this election cycle.
Have a great day.
Scott E

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