It is looking more and more like Congressman John Delaney (MD06) wont seek reelection nor does it look like he will get into the race for Governor in Maryland.
Here is information posted on Politico today:

Rep. John Delaney (D-Md.) plans on bypassing runs for governor and reelection and has told associates he is seriously considering a bid for president in 2020, according to two Democratic sources.

Two days ago, Ryan Miner posted this on his blog:

A source close to Rep. John Delaney (MD-6) says Delaney is expected to make a weekend announcement declaring his intention not to seek re-election in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District.

This was also posted two days ago on Maryland Matters blog:

D-Day is coming in Maryland politics. That’s the day Rep. John Delaney (D) announces his political plans for 2018 – and perhaps beyond.

You are welcome to click any of the links above to read the full articles. Hopefully we will all get an answer this weekend on Delaney’s plans. All of the sources above could be wrong…but it sure sounds like he won’t be running in 2018.
John Delaney would be a favorite to win the Democratic Primary if he decides to run for Governor in Maryland…so this potentially opens up the door for the other candidates to exceed early expectations. Still no official word from Gansler or Kamenetz on their intentions to run for Governor in 2018. I believe the longer they wait the less likely they are to get into the race.
Scott E