I came across this information as I was doing my morning review of candidates that have filed to run for office in 2018 here in Maryland. Katie Fry Hester has decided to run for Maryland State Senate in District 9. I looked for any “official” online outreach resource for the campaign…The website says “Coming Soon” and I did not find anything on Facebook or Twitter this morning. I am guessing that Katie is still working on those items and if I find out more I will be sure to post about it in the future. (note – I attempted to reach out to Katie via Facebook this morning…hoping to get some additional information from the candidate soon).
I have not heard a lot of information about other candidates considering running on the Democratic side of this race. It is expected that State Senator Gail Bates will seek reelection (although I have not seen an official announcement yet).
I will try and setup a “coffee with the candidate” session in the near future. Keep an eye out on the blog for updates.
Scott E


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