Larry Hogan Remains One Of The Most Popular Governors In America – July 2017

In an article on, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan remains one of the most popular governors in America. They show him with an approval rating of 68%..and a disapproval rating of only 16%. This ranks him #2 in all of America.

As other candidates still consider getting into the race for Governor in 2018, this is a good sign for Governor Hogan no matter who his opponent becomes next June. The big questions I have is: Will these numbers make potential candidates like Delaney, Gansler or Kamenetz rethink running against Governor Hogan in 2018? My guess is probably not but we are all still waiting on official announcements from those three potential candidates.

The last time I wrote about Governor Hogan approval ratings was back in February…when his numbers were around 63% approval. and 17% disapprove.

We are a LONG way from the election and this is worth tracking over time…I will do my best to keep track of it as we move forward.

Scott E


  1. After 8 years of MOM and his far left wing agenda, Gov Hogan seems like a calm in the storm. I’m not so sure I can say that he is actually a Republican? I would classify him as a fiscally responsible democrat or a socially moderate republican. I like the Gov and I would like to vote for him again, but I’m not sure that I can do that because I despise his stance on public education and his pushing the BOOST vouchers at taxpayers expense. I’m a parent first and my children attend public schools in HoCo and I don’t like that he has refused to get rid of ed reform (and reformers Finn & Smarick), PARCC consortium and the dreaded Common Core curriculum. His handling of our Superintendent problem was in excusable…..he appointed Salmon to state level Super and he could have “urged” her to do the right thing.


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