Early fundraising numbers in MD06

So this post is not specific to Howard County…but it does outline some interesting early information for Congressional District 6 in Maryland. The information comes from an article by Danielle Gaines in the Frederick News Post. You can read the original article HERE. Here is the text of the article:

Democrats looking to fill the shoes of Congressman John Delaney reported their first fundraising totals in the 2018 campaign.

Delegate Aruna Miller from Darnestown reported the most contributions early in the election season, followed by Delegate Bill Frick, from Bethesda.

Miller reported $355,581.50 in contributions in an early push for the 2018 election, predicated upon the belief that Delaney will seek another office.

The three-term congressman from Potomac has said he will make a public announcement about his future political ambitions this month.

Frick reported $213,254 in contributions.

Frederick County’s Andrew Duck reported $20,277.10 cash on hand, thanks in part to a $20,000 personal loan and other candidate contributions to his campaign.

The quarterly reports reflect fundraising between April 1 and June 30 and were due Saturday.

“l plan to run an exciting, issue oriented campaign throughout the 6th Congressional District,” Miller said in a news release issued last week. “This campaign is about our shared vision for our country and our community, and our willingness to stand up to protect our progressive values and keep the United States as the inclusive land of opportunity for all.”

Miller, a transportation engineer, currently represents Montgomery County’s District 15 in the House of Delegates. The district includes portions of Potomac, Germantown and Clarksburg.

In a Facebook video message to supporters, Frick said his campaign had met an undisclosed internal fundraising goal.

“I think this puts us in a great position to be the strong Democrat to hold this seat in the event that Congressman Delaney moves on,” he said.

Frick, an attorney, is currently the House of Delegates’ majority leader. He represents District 16, which includes southwestern portions of Montgomery County, including Potomac.

Duck is the only Democratic candidate who has officially filed to be on the 2018 ballot so far. He has been traveling the district for campaign events.

Delaney’s own campaign finance report revealed $127,171 in contributions last quarter.

David Trone, who gave a significant donation for the Frederick County Democratic Central Committee’s annual gala last month, is rumored to have interest in the race, but did not report any recent fundraising.

Amie Hoeber, the Republican who ran against Delaney in 2016, also retains an open campaign finance account. She reported no fundraising during the time period, but told The Baltimore Sun in May that she is also considering another run for the seat.

The 2018 primary election is on June 26, 2018, and the general election is on Nov. 6, 2018.

Of course all of this will be for not if Delaney decides to run for this seat again in 2018. He still has not made an official decision as of today…we were all expecting one back in late June but he has put his decision off for now. Hopefully he will make a decision soon so that the dominoes will begin to fall and some races can begin to take shape.

If Delaney does decide to run for Governor, the race on the left becomes very interesting and competitive. It would be interesting to see the race between Frick, Miller and Trone. I have no idea who would come out on top but it will be fun to watch. On the right, if Amie Hoeber does decide to get into the race, she become the early front runner. I have not heard many other names (Adam McKee is considering running) on the right but if Delaney does not run that may change quickly.

This will be a race I will watch and write about from time to time…especially if Delaney does decide to run for Governor.

Scott E


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